Letterpress Wedding Invitations

If you are a romantic at heart, no doubt you’ll be taken with the art of letterpress printing. Letterpress wedding invitations are classy, elegant and beautiful. They don’t  just have a lovely visual effect, but are tangible: from the soft, luxurious paper, to the crisp impression of the print. Vintage or classic designs are especially brought to life through letterpress printing. On top of all this, you know your wedding suite has been lovingly crafted: fed one by one into an antique press, with ink mixed by hand, and each and every piece carefully pressed.

We’d love to help you create the perfect wedding invitation suite for the big day (it is, of course, our specialty!), providing stationery, envelopes, embellishments and any of your wedding stationery needs. Supply your own artwork, choose from one of our established designs, or have your ideas come to life in a completely unique custom design.

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