Handcrafted, custom letterpress workshop and studio

Letterpress wedding invitations, business stationery, custom illustration and specialty printing

Nothing quite describes the rhythmic tick-ticking of impeccably engineered machinery, still performing today as it was over 100 years ago, and powered only by the craftsman operating it. Combined with the smell of wood, oil and ink, we are taken back to a time where stationery was crafted by hand, not just produced.

bespoke letterpressAt Martindale Press, we relish this process every day, combining beautiful hand drawn illustrations and elegant typography, with antique machinery and old school printing techniques. We create timeless letterpress stationery; bringing our own quality touch of the past to a modern, fast paced world.

From hand-drawn illustrations, to achieving a crisp print, and even individually painted watercolour cards ; our approach to letterpress is in creating high-quality, Australian crafted products. We always welcome new challenges, so we’d love to hear about your wedding, business, trade, or special event stationery ideas.